About AERO:

Vision: Aero Coffee Roasters was founded on the personal observations of being in the coffee industry over the past 20+ years. This business is the culmination of lessons learned, from failures and successes, and seeing an opportunity to create a common place where we bring together the shared passions from both the coffee and cycling communities. Aero Coffee Roasters will be more than just a café or roastery.  It will be a place of friendly interaction and education between the staff and the customer. Where the business decisions we make today will impact the future of our families, both locally and globally. Our customers, employees, suppliers and vendors will see first-hand the changes we are driving and be inspired to make small changes to contribute to the effort.

At Aero Coffee Roasters our goal is to make this an interactive experience for our customers and staff. Our roasting facility and baking operations are on site so customers can sit at the bar and watch the roasting process as they enjoy their coffee and fresh baked goods. Our head roaster is always sample roasting and cupping coffees to ensure the highest of quality and we welcome you to join us in this process.  Don't forget our bakers who are continuously testing out new recipes so free samples can be found as you place your order.

Finally, we want to embrace the cycling community in the area.  We welcome individual riders or cycling groups to start your rides at our cafe. There will be weeknight rides, weekend group rides, and hopefully the Aero Century!  Inside the cafe there will be a dedicated section with limited supplies (tubes, food, & supplements) as well as bakery items designed to fuel your ride.

I look forward to welcoming you to our cafe

Peter Femino - Owner

Come visit us at our cafe