Ethiopia Misty Valley
  • Ethiopia Misty Valley

    ROAST PROFILE // Light

    MILLING PROCESS // Natural

    ALTITUDE // 1,850 masl

    CUPPING NOTES // Blueberry, strawberry, floral, and balanced with bright lemony sweetness


    WHY WE LOVE THIS COFFEE // This coffee will forever be known as the first coffee purchased by Aero Coffee Roasters and a longtime favorite coffee of our head roaster. In fact, this was my gift to him for all his hard work in helping me develop the Aero business model.

    Developed by exporter and producer partner Abdullah Bagersh, the Natural Misty Valley is subject to an incredible amount of care from start to finish. Immediately after the ripe cherries are brought to the mill to dry they are constantly turned for the first 48 hours of drying to ensure an even evaporation of the moisture from the cherry. After the coffee is fully dried and the skin, mucilage, and parchment are removed, it is sorted and traded through the Ethiopian Coffee Exchange as a Grade 1 Yirgacheffe. In the cup, the Misty Valley truly delivers. A perfumed floral aroma leads into a crisp and complex fruit basket flavor. A milky body provides the backbone for the fruit and aromatics, creating a harmonious balance. The cup finishes with a lingering, pleasant mouthfeel.

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