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318 Main Street

Northboro, MA 01532

Experience the art of roasting from our cafe.


We let the bean tell us how to roast it. Whether that means a light, medium, or dark roast, we strive to let the bean do the talking. Because no two beans are the same and we source them from different parts of the world, purposeful care and attention goes into every roast to bring out the characteristics natural to each.

Head Roaster






Stand out from the rest. Our wholesale operation provides you with the opportunity to stock your shelves with our broad inventory of product. From farm to shelf, transparency is key. We empower our vendors with firsthand knowledge and education about the history of our coffee to ensure that what you serve to your customers is an extension of the quality we aim to achieve.


Your ideal coffee has been dreamt up but now you need some help. Don’t worry. As a client, you’ll be brought in to our roasting facility for personalized consultations where our Head Roaster develops coffees that you want to sell and fit your roasting profile needs. With over 23 years of industry experience we assure your concept ends up the way you envisioned when you started. Our goal is for you to take our coffee, put your packaging on it, and empower you to begin building your own brand.



Give branded gifts people will genuinely embrace, wedding remembrances guests will cherish forever, or holiday favors your employees will hold dear. We provide you the opportunity to customize and personalize each gift through access to our compellingly talented designers. With your logo attached, give memorable gifts that people will enjoy receiving.


Define your coffee, build your brand. Whether you’re starting from scratch or your business needs a new look, our brand development team can get you where you need to be. Brands often recognize where they intend to finish but have a hard time executing. Let us right the ship. Utilizing partners like Bearwalk Cinema for photography, filmmaking, creative consulting, and concept design, we create a consistent theme to your business that helps you stand out amongst the crowd. Site concept and visuals created by Bearwalk. Let us help you build your brand.

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